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Welcome to where we specialize in FAST EMAIL DELIVERY of game codes for popular online games such as Pokemon TCGO, Neopets and Chaotic Card Game. More Online games to be added to our list soon.

All codes are sent quickly to your email address listed on your PayPal Payment once your order is approved. New customer approval does not take that long and once approved you are able to get all your orders quickly delivered by email. Currently we are only accepting Paypal as the form of payment so if you do not have a paypal account we are unable to serve you at this time. Paypal is available to most regions in the world and it is free to sign up so check them out at

ATTENTION: First time customers may be phoned by our staff for verification of your order. If you are not available to receive our call then the order may be placed on hold until we are able to speak with you directly. Please make sure that the phone number you put on the order is complete and correct including your country and area code. Information Center

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If you need immediate assistance check to see if one of our LIVE HELP OPERATORS are online. Shipping Information

On the website we sell only items that are delivered by email. There is NO PHYSICAL SHIPPING of goods so there is also NO SHIPPING CHARGES. However, we do require that you submit a complete and correct shipping address including name and valid contact phone number. We will not necessarily ship you any items but we use this information to verify who we are dealing with. You failure to provide accurate information may cause your order to be canceled.

TRANSACTION FEE - We do not have any shipping charges but we do have a 40 Cent Per Order Transaction Fee. This fee is automatically removed if your ORDER TOTAL IS TEN DOLLARS OR MORE.

Orders are processed several times a day so no order should take more than eight hours to be dilvered. There will be a guaranteed delivery time posted on the site. Please review this guarantee to understand how quickly you may receive your codes.

Because all the orders are delivered by email it is very important that you double check the email you submit on the order. Ordering Information

How to find something
From the home page of the, there are two ways to find what you want. The home page has direct links to different categories of merchandise, and sometimes to individual items. You can follow these to find the sections of merchandise you are looking for. The second options is to look for the Search box which is currently located at the top right of each page. Use the search box by entering the word or words you are looking for and click search. This will take you to the search results page with one or more items matching what you have searched for.

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Any item that DOES NOT HAVE A BUY NOW BUTTON means the item is currently out of stock or unavailble to order. You may send us a message to inquire as to when we will have the item back in stock.

Methods of Payment accepts ONLY PAYPAL FROM VERIFIED PAYPAL ACCOUNTS as a form of payment for the email delivery of codes.

Due to the extremely high cost of credit card fraud we will not accept credit card orders to be processes on this site. We do understand this is a big problem for those in countries that paypal does not offer service to but we have found it very necessary to take this action.

IN ADDITION TO ONLY ACCEPTING ORDERS FROM VERIFIED PAYPAL MEMEBERS, First time customers of may be phoned by our staff for verification. Please make sure your Name, Address and Phone Number (including country and area code) are complete and correct on your order before submitting. If you are not available to receive our call then the order may be placed on hold until we are able to speak with you directly.

Because we only accept Paypal order, phone orders cannot be accepted as we do not have access to your Paypal account.

If you do not have a Paypal account, it is available to lots of countries and only takes a few minutes to sign up. Visit and follow their sign up procedure. They may be able to instantly provide you with a verified account or they may require you submit additional information but the process is usually pretty fast.

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Privacy Notice

Your privacy is important to us. To better protect your privacy the following notice explains the information we collect, how it is used, how it is safeguarded, and how to contact us if you have any concerns.

What Information Is Collected:

As part of the order process, the following information is collected from shoppers:

Shipping/Billing Address
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Credit/Debit Card Information

How That Information Is Used:

We do not share your information with any third party at all. We only use the information we collect to verify who we are dealing with and to contact you in case we have a problem or question on an order you submitted.

Email addresses collected may be used to send you an occassional special offer or newsletter but you will always have the option to opt out and once you opt out of a email campaign you will not be emailed again unless you sign back up.

Our Commitment To The Security of Your Data

On the website we only accept Paypal as the form of payment so no credit card information is collected on our site at all. All your bank and credit card information is kept secure by paypal and no employees of can see that information as paypal only submit the payment amount to us with your contact information and never sends any banking information.

Safe Shopping Guarantee
We use the industry standard encryption protocol known as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to keep your order information Safe and Secure. This advanced encryption technology keeps your Name, Address, and Payment Information safe as you place your order on our website. Backorder Information

Backorder Policy

At all orders are processed and emailed shipped promptly (within 8 hours). We do not sell items as “Special Order”, “PreSale” or "Preorder". If you place and order and we do not have it in stock for any reason we will issue an immediate refund to your paypal account as we do not backorder any items. It would be a very rare occassion that we would actually run out of any item but in the rare situation that it does happen we will not issue a backorder. The item will be refunded and cancled from the order. If you desire that item at a later date you can request that we contact you when the item is restocked. NO Return Policy

NO Return Policy

There are ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS OR CANCELATIONS ONCE AN ORDER HAS BEEN PROCESSED AND EMAILED. If you make a mistake or change your mind, make sure you try every method of contact available, Live Help Support, email and phone contact until you get a reply because once the codes have been emailed we cannot cancel the order as all codes sold are valid to use only one time. Once the codes are sent we cannot resell them so that means we will not refund any item once it has been processed and emailed.

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