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ABOUT CARDGAMECODES.COM is a division of, one of the leading websites since 2001, supplying hundreds of thousand of customers with trading cards for their game play enjoyment. was developed to supply the TCGO (trading card game online) Community with easy access to online card game codes delivered by email at affordable prices and to supply us with a little extra funds to support our animal rescue that is entering our 10th year. The primary focus is the PTCGO (Pokemon trading card game online) but we also have expanded into other online card games such as Neopets, BellaSara, Webkinz and continue to look for other interesting online games. makes it easy to order online game codes with fast email delivery. Most orders placed on are delivered in a minutes as we log on numerous times of the day including weekends and holidays to process and deliver codes fast. There is a live help support link at the top of each page and our operators are online at different hours of the day to answer questions and process orders. Great thing is you do not have to wait to see our Live Chat Operators Online to get your codes fast, we are working behind the scenes to process your orders at all times of the day and night so you can have your codes fast.


Because we deliver the codes by email and not to a physical location we must require customers to have a VERIFIED PAYPAL account. We use Paypal as our payment process to make is safer for all our customers as we do not collect and store any payment information. Paypal is the safe and secure way for you, our customer, to place orders online so you never have to reveal to us your credit card or bank information. Paypal offers verified account to nearly the entire world and it is easy to get an account with Paypal and it is FREE. If you do not have a Paypal account, scroll down this page and look for the topic, CREATE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT to get started.


It is really easy and fast to place an order on for online codes delivered by email. First, find the item you desire. There is a SEARCH BOX in the upper right corner of the site or there are links to popular games just below the header of the site. Once you find the item you desire, click into that item so you can see the quantity discounts we may be offering on that item. Decide how many you want and type that amount into the quantity box and click BUY NOW, this will then take you to your shopping cart. Either click CONTINUE SHOPPING link in the bottom left to continue shopping or if you are ready for check out click the red box - CHECKOUT on the bottom right side. This will take you to our checkout option screen where you have three choices to check out, if you are a new user just wanting to see how this site works before creating an account chose USE GUEST CHECKOUT. If are a current customer that has signed up for an account on our site, click the middle box I HAVE AN ACCOUNT, SIGN IN & CHECKOUT or if you are a new user and wish to create an account on our site click the box on the right I'M A NEW USER REGISTER & CHECK OUT. Registration is not required on our site, however if you register an account you will then easily be able to see all your orders and it makes future checkout faster.

Once you chose which option of checkout you are going to do. You will be directed to the checkout page to add your name, address, phone number and email address. Please make sure all information is complete and correct as it is very important. (If you already have a paypal account you can bypass this step by clicking the link on the left side GET PAYPAL INFO.) Once you have filled out your information click the red box at the bottom - CONTINUE. This will take you to the Paypal processor, if you have a Paypal account you can login to Paypal and submit your payment, if you do not have a Paypal account click the box PAY WITH DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD. This will then take you to Paypal's Secure Page for entering your Debit or Credit Card. Make sure you have the correct card type chosen. Once you fill out all your information, click the link on the bottom CONTINUE to complete your purchase. You will then be directed back to and will receive an email with your order number. Once we receive the order we will review the order and when approved we will email your codes (we are online several times a day so it should not take more than a few hours). If you made your payment by using your debit or credit card WITHOUT creating a Paypal account or without using your existing verified Paypal account, the payment will arrive to us as UNVERIFIED, (we require verified payment only and may reject this payment, please scroll down to view UNVERIFIED PAYMENTS). It is very important that all payments are verified. If there is any problems with the order we will contact you by email.


Some new customers to our site may not want to go thru the process of setting up a verified Paypal account just to try out our site to see how it works. We understand and we do allow for an order to be placed on our site without having to set up a Paypal account. You may place a small first order (UNDER 10 DOLLARS) using your credit card (Paypal is still our processor, but you do not have to create an account with them). Follow the steps above HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER and when it is time to choose, make sure you choose GUEST CHECKOUT. You will then be able to pay thru Paypal using your debit or credit card without having to create a Paypal account. This payment will arrive to us as unverified and if your order exceeds ten dollars we will cancel the order and issue a refund. This acceptance process is done only for new customers getting a feel for our site and the process. When we get the order and it is approved we will email your codes along with instructions advising you that future orders will require a verified Paypal payment. Paypal is available to nearly every country and their verification process is safe, secure and easy. Please scroll down to the next topic to see HOW TO CREATE A VERFIED PAYPAL ACCOUNT for more information.


Visit and click the link in the upper right hand corner to register. Once you have created an account with Paypal there will be a link in your account something like VERIFY MY ACCOUNT. Follow Paypal's simple and fast steps and you are on your way to having a verified paypal account. If you plan to make purchases using a credit card thru Paypal there should also be a link in your Paypal account to VERIFY MY CREDIT CARD. This will be necessary also if you are going to use your credit card as the payment source on our site to purchase codes.

Once you have a verified account with Paypal (and verified credit card, if you are using that to buy codes) you can use that account to make purchases on to purchase your online game codes to be delivered by email.


Purchase limits are set up for all customers, however site does not have the ability to automatically determine the customers limit so this process is done thru a manual review. If an order is received and it exceeds what we determine to be the limit the order may be adjusted and/or canceled and a refund issued. We will email the customer at that time to advise what action was taken. Limits are determined by several factors including payment method verification, billing address confirmed thru Paypal, complete customer information provided including phone number, length of time customer has been a customer in our system, location of customer and other factors. The longer you have been a customer with us in good standing the larger your purchase limit will be.


Delivery times vary. We login to the site several times a day and process code orders. We are located in the United States Central Time Zone and we do not staff the site 24 hours a day so orders placed during our night time hours (6pm - 6am CST) may not be processed until we log in during the morning hours. Because many of our customers wanted / needed their codes even quicker we have developed for INSTANT IN BROWSER DELIVERY OF YOUR POKEMON TCGO CODES 24 HOURS A DAY. is part of the Network and is a totally automated site. has a totally different set of strict daily limits and much lower limits than but works well for our customers that need to get some codes NOW. Visit today and try it out!!!!

ONLINE SUPPORT OPERATORS offers online support to answer any card game code related question. We are online at different times of the day and night. If you see the ONLINE link available you may click that to chat with one of our operators or if we are offline you may click the link to leave us a message and we will email you our response when we come back online.

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