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In this section we will attempt to answer the Frequently Asked Questions about our Affiliate Program. If you do not find the answer to the question you have about our affiliate program, please email us your question to or chat with one of our live help operators.

Question: Can anyone become a member?
Answer: YES, as long as you have a verified Paypal account and your account with is in good standing, you can become an affiliate and earn revenue share credits for referring others to our site.

Question: Is there a charge to become an affiliate of
Answer: YES, we have a SMALL ONE TIME FEE to become a BRONZE AFFILIATE. Once you are a Bronze Affiliate Member the Silver, Gold and Platinum Upgrades are Free and by Invitation only!

Question: Why do you charge to become a member?
Answer: The fee we charge is very small and it is more for the behind the scenes stuff. We need an actual order on file so we can create all the trackable links and pages necessary for each membership. We have to create a trackable revenue link, a personalized discount coupon and a special page for each member so they can view their stats and see the revenue credits they are earning. The small membership fee helps cover the cost for creating these items and our members will quickly save much more than the small amount they paid for their membership.

Question: If I join under the BRONZE AFFILIATE PLAN, can I upgrade to another plan in the future?
Answer: NO. when you join as a BRONZE member YOU cannot upgrade your membership, HOWEVER, we will review your account and we will upgrade Bronze members to another membership package for free from time to time. This upgrade will have to do with the account activity you have in your current affiliate plan. Our review system will take into account many factors including but not limited to, your visits and orders on, the number of visitors you are referring and the orders your referrals are making. We even take into consideration the product reviews you submit on the site. We can see when an individual is trying to help us make the best site possible and we will gladly reward those members with FREE UPGRADE to another membership package.

Question: Will my membership expire?
Answer: NO, any membership that is purchased will not have an expiration date. You purchase a one time membership package and as long as your account stays in good standings your membership will remain active.

Question: Do I have to purchase an affiliate membership to purchase from
Answer: NO, anyone with a Paypal account can make a purchase from this site! But there are lots of benefits to having an affiliate account! Even if you are just a casual buyer of card game codes but you spend lots of time in forums, blogs or social network sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or MySpace you can earn good revenue credits by referring others to our site thru these networks that you are already spending time on. Depending on the plan you belong to you can earn, 3, 5, 7 or even 10% revenue share when you bring others to our site and they place an order. These revenue share credits can really add up.

Question: What will I receive if I purchase an affiliate membership package?
Answer: Each affiliate membership package provides you with the following:

Question: What is a Revenue Share Credit?
Answer: Revenue Share Credits are the same as money except that you have to use that money on the website. Revenue credits are earned when you send a visitor to our site thru your trackable link and that visitor makes a purchase. Here is an example of how it works. Lets say you are a GOLD AFFILIATE MEMBER. That means your trackable revenue link will earn you 7% of each visitor you send to and they make an acceptable purchase. Lets say one of the visitors you refer to our site makes a purchase for 36 Pokemon Booster Codes and lets say that was on sale for $36.00 at the time. This means you would receive a $2.52 in revenue share credits($36.00 x 7%). If one of the visitors you refer over buys the 144 Pokemon Booster Pack Code special for $144 then you would earn $10.08 ($144. x 7%). These revenue share credits can really add up fast. Giving you lots of extra funds to purchase the codes you need.

Question: How much revenue share credits can I earn?
Answer: NO LIMIT, there is no limit to the amount of revenue share credits you can earn into your account. We encourage you to share your revenue share link with everyone you can. is a pretty unique site and not a lot of people have heard about us so the potential for you to earn lots of revenue credits is really good.

Question: Can I turn in my Revenue Share Credits for cash?
Answer: NO, currently we are only set up to allow you to use your revenue share credits on the website. We are looking into the possibility of allowing some memberships to exchange the credits for cold hard cash but there are still lots of details to be worked out with the accountants and tax laws so for now we are only allowing revenue share credits to be redeemed for products.

Question: How long can I keep my revenue share credits?
Answer: REVENUE SHARE CREDITS DO NOT EXPIRE! You can keep the revenue share credits building up for as long as you like, just not sure you will want to do that. We provide you with a special page so you can view your stats and see the revenue share credits you have earned and a one click system to GO SHOPPING WITH YOUR CREDITS so you can easily use your credits any time you want.

Question: Does my personalize discount coupon expire!
Answer: NO, when you purchase any affiliate membership you will receive a personalize discount coupon valid for 10% off all future orders. Your coupon will not have an expiration date and as long as your account stays in good standing this discount coupon will not have an expiration date.

Question: Can I share my discount coupon with others?
Answer: YES, actually we encourage you to do so. When we send you the revenue share link we will actually attach the coupon code into the link so you can tell those that you refer over that they will GET 10% OFF their order by using the link you provide. This will give those that you refer extra incentive to use your link and help you earn revenue share credits.

Question: Can I give others only my discount coupon and if they use it I will earn revenue share credits?
Answer: NO, IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU PROVIDE THOSE THAT YOU ARE REFERING TO OUR SITE YOUR ENTIRE TRACKABLE REVENUE SHARE LINK. Do not give out only your discount coupon as this will not earn you the credits you desire. We will have the coupon attached to the trackable link so when you or others visit thru that link it will show up in your account.

Question: How long does it take for my stats to update?
Answer: MAY TAKE UP TO 48 HOURS. Our system updates the stats of visitors and revenue share credits every 24 hours, however, depending on the time of day your visitor comes into our site and makes their purchase it may take up to 48 hours to be entered into your account as a revenue share credit.

Question: What is the best way for me to share my trackable link with others so I can earn more revenue share credits?
Answer: Getting your link in front of others is easy. You are probably already doing lots of things on the web that others are viewing each day. You are emailing family and friends. You may be posting comments in blogs and forums. Add your trackable link in your signature area of your email and forum accounts with a quick note that anyone purchasing card game codes thru your link will get 10% off their order total. If you have your own website, Facebook page, Youtube or Twitter account you can post up your link from any of those locations and watch the visitors roll in.

Question: Do you have any images or banners I can display with my link?
Answer: We are working on getting those together. We should have a page of different sized banners and instructions on how you can use them coming very soon. We also encourage those that have the skills to build their own creative banners to do so. The unique touch of each individual is sometimes better than a standard banner that others are using. Just keep your creativity accurate. Meaning only advertise exactly what your customers will get when they click your banner. Do not mislead your visitors as this could be cause for your membership to be revoked.

Question: Which products can I refer to others to earn revenue share credits?
Answer: EVERY PRODUCT. If we have the item listed on you can earn a revenue share credit when you refer a visitor to the site and they make a purchase.

Question: I live OUTSIDE the United States, can I purchase an affiliate membership and earn revenue share credits?
Answer: YES, we accept memberships worldwide. As long as you have a valid Paypal account that is verified, we can accept your membership to our affiliate program.

Question: What if my Paypal account is UNVERIFIED?
Answer: There is a process that we can take to verify your account with us. It will require additional documents being sent to us but we will work with you to help get you set up as we understand that Paypal does not have the ability to verify all their customers in all the countries they serve. However, if you Paypal account is unverified and we request certain documents and identification and you fail to provide those, then your affiliate membership cannot be accepted.

Question: Will I automatically receive revenue share credits for everyone I refer that places an order?
Answer: YES and NO, If you refer someone to thru your trackable revenue share link and they place an ACCEPTABLE order you will receive your revenue share credits. Unfortunately not all orders received by us are acceptable. The majority of orders are acceptable but on occasion we have to cancel orders. Most of the time that has to due with the fact that the order is suspicious and additional information is needed to verify the person who is placing the order. Orders that are canceled do not provide you with revenue share credits as there is no revenue that we have received. We do our very best to process all orders, but we cannot take risky orders that we cannot verify.



Question: How fast can I get started?
Answer: SUPER FAST! Purchase a BRONZE AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIPE PACKAGE RIGHT NOW and we will have you up and running in a very short time! BRONZE AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP - Earn 3% Revenue Share Credit and Get Your Own Personalize 10% OFF Discount Coupon Code for ALL Future Purchases
BRONZE-affiliate SILVER AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP - Earn 5% Revenue Share Credit and Get Your Own Personalize 10% OFF Discount Coupon Code for ALL Future Purchases. THIS AFFILIATE PLAN IS BY INVITATION ONLY!
SILVER-affiliate GOLD AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP - Earn 7% Revenue Share Credit and Get Your Own Personalize 10% OFF Discount Coupon Code for ALL Future Purchases. THIS AFFILIATE PLAN IS BY INVITATION ONLY!
GOLD-affiliate PLATINUM AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP - Earn 10% Revenue Share Credit and Get Your Own Personalize 10% OFF Discount Coupon Code for ALL Future Purchases. THIS AFFILIATE PLAN IS BY INVITATION ONLY!

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